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Lotusotho's blog


Welcome to my blog, the place where I post stuff that I do/like/Find interesting

1# Entry:

This is the first post of my new blog. Let's go!!!

What do I like?

3dspinningcat 3dspinningskull drawntree

I like 3D, image rendering and animation!

I love character animation, 3D rigging and rendering, in programs like:

Blender | Godot | Unity | Adobe Photoshop:

Blender Godot Unity Photoshop


#2 Entry:

These days I've started playing a game called Bahamut Lagoon for the SNES mostly to kill time, it's entertaining and has really cool characters!

Bahamut Lagoon, starting zone

Is an JRPG from 1996 with turn-based combat, where you play as Byuu a soldier from Kahna Reign, who leads a campain against the Granbelos Empire through the floating islands of Orelus.

The player has a combat squad of 4 characters, and new, extra characters, like dragons that you can raise and use later in combat.

As I said before, the gameplay is turned based, but also, really slow, because it is divided into player turn, enemy turn and, an extra one, dragon turn.
For all of that, we have to wait for the enemy turn and dragon turn to end to continue moving our main characters.

It's a little tedious, but fun! And, truly, I think that a lot of old games from the SNES and from older consoles are forgotten, and a lot of people don't even know they exist.


#3 Entry:

I love old websites!!

And I don't just mean it, I always wanted to have my own website made from scratch in, the thing is that, I've never got to actually do it, until now!!!

Not bad.........I think

Look, It could have muuuch more CSS but maybe in a new future...

I would also like to put my portfolio with images and stuff, but from now, I like how it's turning out, which is already something.

I love being able to edit it without any restriction, to put images, code, styles, etc. Who knows, maybe in the future it stops being completely static... Or maybe not.

I dont know what to put in here™